Exploring Some of the Best Opportunities in Pakistan for Small-scale Investors

investment opportunities in Pakistan

The recent wave of digitisation has put our country on the fast-track of economic development. This has positively impacted the field of investment in Pakistan by diversifying its scope. There are now a multitude of investment opportunities available in the form of personal investment schemes, small- and medium-sized enterprises, and tech-based startups. Most of such options may require small investments with little or no risk involved. This also makes them suitable for small-scale investors in the country.

So, if you’re also a newbie in the field of investment and want to test your entrepreneurial skills by making a small investment, this blog is for you. Here we are going to discuss some of the small-scale investment opportunities in Pakistan as well as shedding light on some useful investment tips for beginners

Let’s get started.


To become a successful investor in Pakistan, you need to have thorough knowledge and experience in your desired field. So, research is important, and we’re here to help with that. Whether you’re a local or an overseas Pakistan, as a beginner, you can explore the below-listed fields if you have an interest in investing in Pakistan:

  • Real Estate Market
  • Investing in Gold
  • Stock Market
  • Fixed Deposit and Personal Investment Schemes
  • Agriculture
  • Setting up Startup and SMEs
  • Collectible and Art
  • Earn Money from Your Skills
  • Setting up Co-working Space
  • Investing in Auto Industry

Real Estate Market


In line with general practices, the real estate market has become one of the most lucrative investment fields in Pakistan. The amount of finances needed for investing in the real estate sector may vary from case to case. The two main factors affecting the price of a property in the local market are: location and size. Along with these factors, market trends also play a crucial role, causing property prices to vary on a large scale.

For instance, you can buy a well-constructed, small-sized apartment in Karachi for as low as around PKR 30-50 lakh. At the same time, owning a lavish bungalow in the same city may cost you as high as PKR 15-20 crore, on average. This much variation in real estate prices is what makes investing in Pakistan’s property market suitable for almost all-scale investors.

Some of the most prominent reasons that make the property sector one of the most rewarding investment fields in Pakistan have been listed as under:

  • Immediate Results and Returns
  • Steady Income
  • High Tangible Asset Value
  • More Control Over Your Investment

Let’s briefly discuss some of the aforementioned pointers, one by one, to help you develop a better understanding in this regard:

Immediate Results and Returns: Suppose you have rented out your property, your tenant may start paying the rent from the very first month. In some cases, renters also pay advance rent for up to six months, which is mandatory as per their tenancy agreement. There may hardly be any other investment field in Pakistan, which can guarantee you such quick returns.

Steady Income: The purpose of a tenancy agreement is to gain the consent of a tenant to occupy your rental property for at least six months or a year by paying rent. The frequency of rental payment can either be on a monthly, bi-annually, or annually basis. This results in an inflow of a steady rental income on your investment for a certain period of time, one of the major benefits of real estate investment in Pakistan.

Highly Tangible Asset Value: No matter what type of property you own, it may never completely lose its value in the market, if properly taken care of. In fact, according to general market practices, it’s worth may increase with time.

More Control Over Your Investment: The least thing you should be worried about investing in the real estate market of Pakistan is that your investment can’t disappear overnight. This means you have more control over your investment, with minimum risk of loss. This is why real estate is considered among the best small investment opportunities in Pakistan for beginners and small scale investors.

To learn more about some of the top reasons to invest in the real estate market, read this blog. Also, as a new entrant as in the field of real estate investment in Pakistan, it is better for you to have proper knowledge about it

Did you know there are various types of real estate investment? The most popular ones among property investors in Pakistan are as follows:

  • Buying property files
  • Buying plots for resale at a higher value (investment properties)
  • Buying a property to rent out
  • Buying open land in anticipation of development

So, to assist you in this regard, we have written a comprehensive post on the subject, detailing all the basics of investing in Pakistan’s property market. Moreover, you may also be interested in reading our piece on how to choose a perfect location for your investment property if you want to want to move ahead with such a type of real estate investment.

The increasing use of the internet, smart devices, laptops and other handy gadgets have positively influenced the field of real estate in Pakistan in a lot of ways. For instance, searching for properties or locating investment options in the real estate sector are far easier than ever, thanks, in part, to reliable online property portals like dreamhomes.com.pk



One of the most precious metals on earth, gold has a vast history of being used as a currency, long before the paper money was introduced. Even today, in some parts of the world, the value of a currency of a particular country directly or indirectly relies on its gold deposit.

These are just a few of the many reasons why gold is one of the most popular types of investment in Pakistan. Over the years, gold rates have rapidly increased around the world. Due to this fact, investing in gold is also considered one of the most lucrative investment opportunities in Pakistan. However, unlike the field of real estate, the gold market is extremely volatile.

The rates can fluctuate anytime without any warning. A lot of things can be taken into account while considering the factors affecting the price of gold on both micro and macroeconomic levels. However, in recent years, no major dip in gold prices have been observed globally so far. As of now, investing in gold may cost you as low as around PKR 1.3 lakh for a 24k gold weighing 11.66 gram (1 tola). Profitability and affordability factors make gold one of the best investment opportunities in Pakistan for small-scale investors and beginners.

Quick Tip: If you have decided to invest in gold, make sure you’re buying it in physical form. It is better not to only rely on documentation. The documents may not guarantee you own gold and this is how you may jeopardise your investment. Also, always buy gold with your savings instead of finding ways to own it on credit.



All of the stocks and share trading in Pakistan is done under the roof of stock exchanges located in different cities. Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), formerly known as Karachi Stock Exchange, is the government-run headquarter of the country’s stock market.

So, if you’re wondering how does a stock market work? Here’s a simple definition: a stock market enables you to invest in shares of public limited companies. As a buyer or a seller you can easily trade shares and negotiate on prices while selling or purchasing your stock. You can indulge in share trading individually as an investor. The main purpose of a stock exchange is to track the supply and demand of each listed stock to determine its rates.

There is usually no minimum or maximum limit when it comes to the purchase of a publicly-traded company’s stock. This is why investing in stock is one of the best opportunities for small-scale investment in Pakistan. However, as per the normal investment trends, it is recommended to buy stock in bulks with a minimum value of around PKR 30,000 to PKR 50,000. If you don’t know how to invest in the Pakistan Stock Market, then note down the following key steps in this regard.

  • Work on your investment objectives, weighing on your budget and anticipating the returns on your investment.
  • Pick a licensed brokerage firm with Trading Rights Entitlement Certificate (TREC) that fits your requirement.
  • With the help of your chosen brokerage firm get your Brokerage Account, CDC Sub Account and a CDC Investor Account opened. CDC stands for Central Depository Company.
  • Deposit funds in your account through a cheque.
  • Select the entity/organisation to make your stock investment.
  • Do take advice from an experienced stock-broker before making the final move towards your stock investment.
  • Like any other field of investment, it is important for you to thoroughly research and understand the business of publicly-traded companies before purchasing their shares. Try buying stocks of businesses with good reputation instead of risking your investment. The share rates of such companies may be high but there will be less chances for investors to bear loss, except for any major unforeseen circumstances.

Also, you need to stay up to date with the stock market trends in Pakistan. To do so, you can visit the PSX’s official website, where you easily get the latest stock market rates and complete information about share trading in the form of a summary. These were some useful tips on how to invest in the Pakistan Stock Market.


A fixed deposit account is one of the types of savings/investment accounts that promises you a fixed rate of interest on your investment. It is basically a long-term investment mechanism that helps investors save some money as well as earning interest on it. It is one of those types of investment in Pakistan that assures financial security.

When you’re investing in a fixed deposit account in Pakistan, you’ll get a return on your investment every three months in the form of interest. The interest rate per annum on a fixed deposit account is 5-9%. This rate may vary from bank to bank and depends on your agreed terms of investment.

According to some banks in Pakistan, the minimum amount you can invest in a fixed deposit account is PKR 25,000. Moreover, since you are investing in a banking institution, there is almost no risk involved in such an investment. This makes it among the best investment opportunities in Pakistan, especially for newbies in the field of investment.

Some of the main features of a fixed deposit account are:

  • Higher rate of return
  • Fixed interest rate
  • Amount can only be deposited once
  • You can collect your earned profit on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on the bank
  • The tenure for a fixed deposit account can be renewed
  • Cannot withdraw money by any means before the ending of term
  • Non-availability of Internet banking facility

Learn more about the fixed deposit account and other types of bank accounts in Pakistan through this blog.

On the other hand, there are a number of public and private financial institutions that are offering personal investment schemes, specifically targeting salaried as well as retired individuals. You must have heard the name of National Savings Pakistan. It is a government-owned financial institution providing different types of investment opportunities with competitive interest rates. It can be considered as one of the best investment opportunities in Pakistan as there is no-risk involved.

Like National Savings Pakistan, MCB Arif Habib Savings have also become a very popular name in the field of personal investment schemes in Pakistan. They operate on the basis of mutual funds. The finances that are collected from investors are then invested in purchasing stocks, bonds, money market instruments and other types of assets to generate returns for investors.

MCB Arif Habib Savings also cater to people with strong religious beliefs and have introduced interest-free investment schemes. Such investment schemes are based on Shariah-compliant funds, which involve both profit and loss.

Al Meezan Investment is another very popular investment scheme that works on the same mechanism. You can invest in these personal investment schemes in Pakistan for as low as PKR 5,000. The affordability and low-risk factor makes such investment opportunities ideal for small-scale investors in Pakistan.



If you are looking for some of the best opportunities to make a small investment in Pakistan, then consider investing in agriculture. Moreover, the field of agriculture has a very important role to play in terms of the economy of our country. Setting up an agricultural business operation may be a low risk investment. In a country like Pakistan, it usually keeps pace with inflation and has a tendency to gain value in the longer run.

It is not only a tangible asset but also beneficial for the community. For small-scale investors in Pakistan, owning farmland can be profitable itself. The urban sprawls across the entire are eating up farmable land at an extremely fast pace. This is causing a constant increase in the value of farmland, making investment in the agriculture sector in Pakistan even more lucrative.

According to a report published on Dawn.com in 2018, farmland prices in Sindh have skyrocketed in the past 10-12 years. A piece of agricultural land that is now sold for around PKR 5-10 lakh would have cost somewhere under PKR 1 lakh ten years ago.

To facilitate people interested in investing in agriculture in Pakistan, there are many banks that now provide credit facilities. Some of the key public and private banking institutions that provide agricultural loans in Pakistan have been listed as under:

  • Allied Bank Limited
  • Habib Bank Limited
  • JS Bank
  • Muslim Commercial Bank
  • National Bank of Pakistan
  • Soneri Bank Limited
  • The Bank of Punjab
  • Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited

To get more details such as contact details and types of agricultural loans in Pakistan that these banking institutions provide, read this blog. So, if you are interested in investing in agriculture in Pakistan, you should have a thorough knowledge of agri-credit and agri-financing. Well, to help you in this regard, we have written a detailed post covering all the frequently asked questions about agri-financing in Pakistan.



A large part of the digitised economy of Pakistan is predominantly driven by tech-based startups and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Establishing a startup based company is considered one of the most lucrative low-investment ideas in the tech sector of the country. SMEs can be smaller as well as less-structured, thus requiring minimum investment.

The government of Pakistan is also promoting the concept of e-learning and e-governance in the country through multiple channels. A country-wide campaign known as “Digital Pakistan” also intends to promote digitisation of the economy. The freelancers of our country also made headlines when according to a report released by the State Bank of Pakistan in 2019, Pakistan secured its position as one of the top five countries in the global freelancing market.

So, considering the agility and flexibility of freelancing culture in mind, using your skills to establish a startup is one of the best tips on how to make a small investment in Pakistan. Also, the provincial and federal governments of Pakistan are working in collaboration to promote startup and SMEs culture in Pakistan to benefit the youth and fuel the economic engine of our country.

For instance, if you live in Punjab and require skill training in a particular digital field, you can easily apply for the Punjab government’s e-Rozgaar Programme. All of the training programmes are free of cost.

On the other hand, small-scale investors in Pakistan who want to pursue their entrepreneurial goals but are short on funds can easily apply for the Kamyab Jawan Programme by the government of Pakistan. The programme provides financial support to aspiring entrepreneurs. With 68 percent of the total population under 30 years of age, Pakistan is among the world’s youngest countries.

Kamyab Jawan Programme intends to promote the youth of the nation. Multiple financial schemes are offered under the banner of this government-run programme, which anyone can easily apply for



One of the best tips on how to make a small investment in Pakistan is to earn money by using your skills. It is something related to what we have discussed above. You can become a part of the freelancing industry by becoming a blogger, vlogger, marketer, graphic designer or an online teaching professional.

You may have to invest in the latest and high-tech equipment to make the right impact in the industry you’re stepping into as a freelancer. As a videographer/photographer you may have to buy the latest camera and all other photo and video-related equipment. Most of these are low-investment opportunities and may cost you around PKR 1-2 lakh, depending on your skills and the equipment you are buying.

Websites like Peopleperhour, Fiverr, Freelancer and Upwork are used by individuals as well as groups of freelancers around the world. These platforms are also available to freelancers in Pakistan. It is because of such websites that the concept of working remotely is thriving in the country. “Most Pakisktanis under the age of 35 (90 percent) are opting to go into freelance work — more than the global average of 70pc,” according to a February 2020 Dawn.com report.

This news is based on ‘Freelancer Income Report 2020’, which was released by Payoneer.com, one of the leading global payment portals. It was a result of a survey conducted on 7,000 freelancers from 150 countries, including developing countries like Pakistan.

There are unlimited possibilities for people working in the tech/digital industry. For instance, nowadays, people are also earning money from getting views on the videos they post on the internet. The trend of YouTube monetisation is also in full swing in Pakistan.

As a vlogger on YouTube, you need to abide by a certain set of rules. You need to post original content or repost anything that already exists online with permission. Make sure to use your unique skills and creativity if you want to get more views and make your channel famous.

You can even promote your content on YouTube by running paid ads to get more likes and following. From travelling, cooking to posting online reviews about cars or properties, you just need to have the consistency and grip on the content you’re posting to take the right start as a vlogger.


As we are already discussing freelancing in Pakistan, setting up a co-working space is one of the most related and best tips on how to make a small-scale investment in Pakistan. Coworking space is unlike a conventional office space. It is a neutral space shared by people working independently or jointly on different types of projects and tasks. One of the biggest attractions of such types of places is that they provide state-of-the-art facilities to people working remotely.

The main things you need to invest in establishing a co-working space is the place itself, installing reliable internet connection, meeting and/or conference rooms as well as a few cafeteria facilities. With such facilities, you may be able earn a good amount of income on your investment by renting out the cubicles and workstations to remotely working individuals on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.



As a small-scale investor, you can also consider investing in the auto industry in Pakistan. A lot of people are involved in car trading these days and they are getting good returns on investment. So, if you don’t know how to buy a car as a good investment, then here are a few things you need to know as per the general market practices.

Research your local automarket thoroughly. Identify the cars or types of cars that are mostly in demand. In a car-centric city like Karachi, people may prefer buying hatchbacks over sedans to ease up their commutes and avoid traffic congestions. Investing in a used car than a new one is considered more profitable. This is one of the main reasons why the used car industry is thriving in Pakistan.

A large part of car buyers and sellers use online platforms like OLX and different public groups on Facebook for car trading. You can also follow such online portals to keep yourself updated if you are interested in investing in the auto industry in Pakistan. The more time you spend in this field, the more you make connections and expand the network of your trusted people.

You can start with your investment in the auto industry by buying a car worth as low as PKR 500,000. In this price tag, you may get a used car with some decent specs. With the requirement of such a low-investment, auto trading is one of the best investment opportunities in Pakistan for newbies.


If you are a collector or hobbyist, you can also make some money out of your passion. The worth of antique items such as old currencies in the form of banknotes and coins only increase with time. Some people also have a habit of collecting stamps. These antique items may be worth a lot. If you think you’re ready to make a fortune out of them, you can either put them on exhibition, sell or auction them.

Moreover, if you love to paint, you can also sell your artwork. Art has always been and will always be in demand. Nowadays, you’ll come across plenty of online platforms like OLX where you can actually register and find buyers for your collectible and art pieces. One of the biggest pros of using such online marketplaces is that they let you post your ads free of charge.

So, as a small-scale investor in Pakistan, you’ll come across plenty of investment opportunities. You may just need to pick a field of investment that matches your interest and expertise. In the next section of our blog, we’ll give you some useful tips to give you some know-how of how and where to invest in Pakistan


Here are some more investment tips for beginners that may interest you. Have a look:

  • Start with your research work as soon as possible. Use online resources or your network of peers, friends or family for the purpose. This is how you can make your research work practically achievable.
  • Don’t invest all of your savings. Instead, do your homework and set aside a certain percentage of the total amount for investment. This is one of the key investment tips for beginners.
  • Use your investment goals as a motivational tool that’ll keep you going.
  • Don’t give up soon. Some of the aforementioned opportunities may be lucrative but they may take some time to attain maturity.
  • Whether you’re a local or an overseas investor, if you’re interested in investing in Pakistan, you need to stay informed about the current market practices and changing trends to attain success in the longer run.

Now that we have discussed the top options to make a small-scale investment in Pakistan and given you some useful tips on the subject, it’s time for us to wrap up this piece. We will always be just an email away so feel free to reach out to us at blog@dreamhomes.com.pk with your queries and suggestions.