How & why Luxury resonates with Lahoregreenz.

How & why Luxury resonates with Lahoregreenz.

LahoreGreenz was versioned by FEB developers & missionized by DreamHomes this collaboration brought a series of collateral success that LahoreGreenz gained and now these are our answers to How & why LahoreGreenz.

Eminence on How

  • 1st Farmhouse community that expands over 100 acres.
  • 1st Farmhouse community to commence gated boundary walled with 24/7 surveillance.
  • 1st Farmhouse community to deploy widened 60’ to 40’ ft carpeted roads.
  • 1st Farmhouse community to offer a water fun park for all ages to fill excitement when summers are hot & boring. 
  • 1st Farmhouse community to offer a modern gymnasium to have a proactive lifestyle. 
  • 1st Farmhouse community to embark green belts & palm tree avenues.
  • 1st Farmhouse community to provision in-house property managed services.
  • 1st Farmhouse community to offer waste management along with environmental procurement.
  • 1st Farmhouse community to enhance landscaping exuberance for gardening purposes.
  • 1st Farmhouse community to envision Obelisk monument along with world-class amenities.
  • 1st Farmhouse community to offer best land customization to its clientele.

Milestones on Why

28th April 2018 Faletti, s Hotel Lahore hosted the launch ceremony of LahoreGreenz with over 1500 real estate fraternity members attended the event along 800 clients from that day to present-day our achievements are just beyond claims as LahoreGreenz from its groundbreaking to the zenith of development is turning the art of Farmhouse living into an amazing reality.

  • Within 2 hours of the launch event, the first 2 plots were booked.
  • Within 1-month groundbreaking was done.
  • Within 2 months of launch, development started.
  • Within 3 months of development, 20% of plots were sold.
  • Within 5 months 70% of project land was being sold.
  • Within 7 months attained mounting 25% ROI per kanal.
  • Within 8 months block A&B are completely sold out along with exceptional development.
  • Within 10 months LahoreGreenz first 10 clients have started to build their own luxury Farmhouses.
  • Within 13 months launched extension block C & yet more land is planned to be acquired as the response of the community is increasing every day.

That’s why Luxury is an earned bold eminence of LahoreGreenz excelling to be grandest & Pakistan first luxury Farmhouse community.